Expanding Voting Access

Voting rights are a cornerstone of our democracy, defended by our veterans.  We honor those veterans by supporting and promoting voting rights.


A key focus for Arianna as County Clerk and Recorder will be to expand polling locations in Adams County.


She will reach out to both parties to encourage election judges to step up on both sides. This bipartisan effort would lead to more people being able to vote nearer to their homes.  

ballot box voting
Envelope containing voting ballot papers

Vote by Mail

The right to vote by mail is a state statute in Illinois. Not only is this system used by Illinois, but it has been used by the United States military since the Civil War!


Voting by mail allows the maximum participation in our government. Arianna supports this statute and will provide the necessary ballots to ensure effective and accurate voting by mail for Adams County citizens.


If it works for our enlisted men and women, it works for Adams County!  

Civil Unions and Records

The role of County Clerk and Recorder is also to provide records of important events, such as births, deaths, property ownership, and marriage.


As Adams County Clerk and Recorder, Arianna would be accurate and accountable in all of these records.  It is the law of our country that anyone who requests a marriage license should get one, and Arianna respects and honors this law.

Rings on Hands

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